Travel Conditions

The following travel conditions and other information provided on The Green Guide’s website establishes the agreement between the traveler and the organizer; The Green Guide AB. The following conditions complement and or specify the Swedish Travel Agency ‘Svenska Resebyrå- och arrangörsföreningen (SRF’) general travel conditions ( which The Green Guide follows.  Information sent to the traveler regarding e.g. changes or additions is also part of the general agreement. To the extent that the following conditions deviate from SRF’s general travel conditions, the conditions stated here apply. The Green Guide’s terms also comply with the provisions of ‘Paketreselagen (2018: 1217)’. The regulations of ‘Distansköplagen (2005: 59)’ does not apply to agreements on package travels.

Please observe, our conditions do not apply on tailor-made tours, for these arrangements we use the Swedish Travel Agency’s general travel conditions. 

Booking and registration

The main traveler is the person in whose name the agreement has been reached. The main traveler is stated first in the travel documents. The main traveler is responsible for the payment according to the agreement. All changes and any cancellation of the booking must be made by the main traveler. Exceptions can be made if the main traveler becomes seriously ill and cannot make the change or cancellation. The main traveler is responsible for providing the organizer with correct booking information regarding the other travelers included in the booking. Any refunds will be made to the main traveler.

When ordering some of our trips, a fixed registration fee of between SEK 500-2500 per person. The registration fee for the specific trip is stated in the travel information on the website. The registration fee is a partial payment of the total price of the trip and will not be refunded. If the registration fee is not paid within the time limit stated in the information, The Green Guide has the right to cancel the booking without notice to the traveler. Usually, the registration fee must be paid within 5 days of the traveler receiving the invoice, but deviations can occur in the respective travel description.

With the registration, the traveler accepts The Green Guide’s terms of travel, and the registration becomes binding on the parties when the organizer confirms the booking in writing, unless otherwise agreed. The organizer shall confirm the traveler’s order without delay.

Reserve List

Regarding our longer trips, arrangements are required to be settled well before the departure date. Registration for these trips may therefore be locked at a specified date as shown in the description of the trip on the website. After the registration is locked, however, it is possible to register on a special reserve list for the trip. Spots on the trip are then offered from the reserve list through the free selection of The Green Guide depending on available openings, cancellations, number of travelers etc. Registration on the trip can therefore be offered by The Green Guide at short notice, within the time period of when the first registration is closed and up to the day before the departure day.


Final payment for the trip must be received by The Green Guide no later than the number of days before departure specified in the travel description for the trip in question. Usually, payment is made within 14 days of the traveler received the invoice, but deviations can occur in the individual travel descriptions. However, payment for the trip may be requested by The Green Guide the earliest at 60 days before the departure day.

Regarding the trips and tours where booking is possible less than 30 days before departure, the entire amount will be paid in connection with the booking, unless otherwise stated. If The Green Guide has not received full payment within 24 hours of purchase, the trip may be considered canceled and may be sold to another traveler.

When receiving a spot on a trip through the reserve list, payment of the entire amount must be made within 24 hours of the passenger having accepted the spot on the trip. If The Green Guide has not received full payment within the specified time limit, the trip may be considered canceled and may be sold to another traveler.

Traveler’s change of travel agreement

For each change of the travel agreement that is made by the traveler after booking, a cost is charged in accordance with The Green Guide’s additional costs, ranging between SEK 300-500. If the inaccuracy in the booking is at the fault of the organizer or someone hired by the organizer, the correction must be made without cost to the traveler.

The traveler may transfer the agreement to someone else who fulfils all the conditions for participating in the trip. Such conditions include e.g. that the affected transport companies must accept a change of traveler. In the event of a possible transfer of the travel agreement, travellers must pay all additional costs that the exchange entails for the organizer.

Passport and visa

For some trips arranged by The Green Guide passports and visas are required. The booking confirmation indicates whether a passport or both a passport and a visa are required for the trip. The organizer handles the application for a visa when this is included in the travel price or has been ordered extra by the traveler, provided that the traveler follows the instructions provided by The Green Guide. Passports must always be valid at least six months after the end of the trip.

Travellers who are not citizens of a state within the EEA are responsible for providing valid passports and visas for the trip. Such a traveler may, in exceptional cases depending of which country the traveler is a citizen, also be responsible for the visa application and pay the visa fees, even if the visa application normally is included in the trip. Please contact us before booking if you have any questions in this regard.

Price index for trips abroad

If for example exchange rates or airline fees increase significantly, The Green Guide has a right to raise prices for the affected trips. If the price increase constitutes 8% or more of the total price of the trip, the traveler has the right to cancel the trip and thereby be reimbursed for the price of the trip. The traveler must in this case notify The Green Guide of the cancellation of the agreement within 10 days from the time the traveler was informed of the increased price, otherwise the traveler will be bound by the new agreement. The Green Guide must inform the traveler about any price increases due to the above circumstances no later than 20 days prior to the day of departure. The price must not be raised during the last 20 days before the departure day.

Change and cancellation policy

Please note that the conditions below in paragraphs 1-3 refer to our longer trips of minimum two days.

  1. If the trip is canceled up to 60 days before the day of departure, the Green Guide’s costs are covered by the registration fee.
  2. If the trip is canceled between 59 and 31 days before the departure day, 50% of the total price of the trip is reimbursed.
  3. If the trip is canceled later than 30 to 0 days before the day of departure, no reimbursement of the price is possible.

Please note that the following conditions in paragraph 4 apply to our smaller trips and day trips of maximum two days.

  1. For a full refund, cancellation must be made at least 7 days prior to departure date, or within 24 hours of purchase.

Supplementary policies regarding scheduled flights:

  1. For scheduled flights, a separate flight ticket must be booked for each traveler. Depending on the airlines’ policies, personal information included in flight tickets are usually no longer changeable three weeks before the departure date. Any changes to the ticket after this point are therefore considered a cancellation and therefore creating a new booking. The cancellation rules below also apply to these type of changes.
  2. The traveler is responsible for ensuring that the name stated in the booking confirmation is correct (including spelling) with the name in the passport the traveler shall use during the trip. If the name is not correct, the traveler is responsible for notifying the organizer without delay. The traveler is responsible for any costs that may arise for the Green Guide due to the correction of any personal information regarding the flight tickets. These costs can also include fees for ordering new air tickets (see paragraph 4).
  3. Individually booked airline tickets are not refundable.

Flights and other means of transport

Connecting flights from other cities can, in some cases, be arranged to an additional cost. It is possible to book our trips abroad without a flight included, if this is done, the price of the trip is reduced by an amount defined by The Green Guide depending on the travel package. The specific traveling companies are responsible for e.g. unforeseen changes or delays in air, train or bus transports that are outside the organizers’ control and which cause problems or inconveniences for the traveler. The Green Guide only provides regular transportation tickets, which is included in the total price of the trip.

The Green Guide’s obligations

The Green Guide’s aspires to carry out the journey as described on the website. If there is not a sufficient number of participants on a group trip, The Green Guide may cancel the trip according to the deadlines specified below. Notice that a message to the travelers informing them that the trip has been canceled due to an unsatisfactory number of participants, or other occurring reasons, must be provided by The Green Guide no later than:

  • 20 days before departure if the trip lasts longer than 6 days.
  • 7 days before departure if the trip lasts between 2 and 6 days.
  • 48 hours before departure if the trip lasts less than 2 days.

The “sufficient number”, i.e. the minimum number participants required for organizing the trip, is stated in the travel information for each trip. If certain events make it impossible to carry out the journey as described on the website (force majeure), The Green Guide has the right to make changes regarding e.g. road selections, or providing equivalent alternatives to the original accommodation. Force majeure circumstances also entitle the organizer to cancel the trip less than 30 days before departure, regardless of the length of the tour.

Information about itinerary, hotels, program features, day plans etc. may be changed on short notice up until departure, and also in some cases after the trip has started. These types of changes can depend on either circumstances beyond the organizer’s control or be the result of the organizer’s conscious decision, for example when changing hotels. In all cases, the organizer has the ambition to offer a travel program comparable to the original program. Changes of this kind normally do not entail a reduction of the travel price.

Traveler’s obligations

When traveling abroad, the traveler must bring a valid flight ticket and valid identity documents. The traveler is recommended to have an extended travel insurance including an cancellation insurance. The traveler undertakes to comply with the rules and regulations stated by, for example, public authorities or The Green Guide’s representatives. The traveler is responsible for storing and caring for the bike provided in the bike during the time it is not in the care of The Green Guide’s any of our partners. The traveler is responsible for complying with local traffic rules and, if applicable, drinking alcohol in a responsible manner during the trip.

Luggage transport

The luggage transport included in some of our trips is limited to the heavier luggage, and it is not allowed to leave valuables such as camera, money, jewelry or other valuables or fragile items with the luggage transport. The traveler is responsible for transporting and storing their valuables during the trip.

Errors or shortcomings

The traveler must immediately report any errors or deficiencies to The Green Guide’s representatives on site or contact The Green Guide’s organization, so that the fault can be remedied immediately if possible; if the traveler fails to promptly report the error, the traveler may lose the right to any compensation.

Submitted photos

The Green Guide reserves the right to publish images and photos from our trips sent to us, without offering compensation. By submitting photographs from trips and tours to The Green Guide you agree to these conditions.

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