Woodland Tour in Early Spring

On this tour you will experience wild and beautiful nature in combination with some really beautiful gardens.  In the National Park of Söderåsen in the center of Skåne, spring leafs are shimmering and water is glittering in streams and lakes. At the same time, not long from Söderåsen in the city of Helsingborg, thousands of rhododendron flowers are in bloom at Sofiero Palace & Garden.

Springtime Tour

This is the time when the landscape & gardens of Skåne is in its most beautiful setting. The leaves of thousands of beeches are shimmering in light green and all deciduous trees have burst into leaf. Fruit trees and rhododendrons & azaleas give us beautiful colors and fragrance and you will meet a richness of wildlife in both gardens and nature.

Malmö Garden Show

In the center park of Malmö, open to the public for free, exhibitors and garden designers give you the best of our Nordic garden culture. We will enjoy all the show gardens & show balconies, the flower borders in the park and the music and joy of all the people gathered here on this weekend. A lunch picnic will be arranged for us and we will also meet the head gardener, for a nice chat.

Open Garden Days

For several years enthusiastic gardeners and The Garden Society of Helsingborg have joined together and arranged Open Garden Days. This is a unique chance for visitors to take a peek behind the fence and share other people´s garden dreams. You will stay at 4-star Elite Hotel Mollberg in the city center of Helsingborg and also enjoy some really nice meals and picnics with local produced food on this tour guided by our garden experts.


Rosy Flower Tour

In Skåne you will see farmhouse roof tops covered with glowing red roses and many lovely rose borders in the cottage gardens of the small fishing villages. You can also feel the fantastic fragrance of 1800th century rose collections in several public gardens. You will also hear the story of the English princess favorite roses at Sofiero. This tour is a must for all lovers of roses but of course this is the time when all flower borders are at their peak!

Garden tour to The Cotswolds in England

Follow us on this tour to the wonderful and sweeping landscape of The Cotswolds and visit some extraordinary gardens. We will visit a mix of grand, old gardens such as Rousham Park, the first romantic, English landscape garden dated 1740, and Broughton Grange, created by landscape designer Tom Stuart-Smith.


Rose Garden Show

First weekend of July there is a tradition to celebrate the rose at the Rosary Fredriksdal in Helsingborg. On this tour you will participate in the festivities at Fredriksdal for one, hole day. Also, a bus will take you to the lovely village Falsterbo south of Malmö where you will enjoy some really astonishing private rose gardens.

Delicious Summer Tour

Food production in Skåne means tradition, diversity and rich flavours. Our Delicious Days will give you heavenly tastes of organic vegetables, fruit & berries, bread & pastries, cheese & charcuteries, apple juice & locally produced wine. This tour combines visits to local farmers, tasting & shopping in farm shops, restaurants & cafées and some lovely walks in the beautiful nature of Skåne.

Sofiero Garden Show

24th of August – 26th of August

In this beautiful park, once created by an English Princess, Crown Princess Margarete, and her husband, Prince Gustav, later King of Sweden, you will enjoy not just the park with all its flower borders, the kitchen garden, the woodland gardens with its magical rhododendron ravines but also  several show gardens and wonderful flower arrangement.