Delicious Summer Tour

In the beautiful area of Skåne in southernmost of Sweden there are many absolutely lovely gardens of different characters to visit. The interest for gardening here is at a high level with lots of flourishing private gardens, amazing public city parks, colony gardens and ambitious garden societies, not to mention the beautiful, sweeping landscape of Skåne.  You also find many local farmers here with a small scale, ecological production. This tour is tasty as we will take you to some of all those farmers who produce vegetables, fruit, berries, grain, eggs, milk, cheese, charketuries and wine.

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Day 1

Check in from 17.00 at our hotel.

19.00 Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2

9.00 Our bus leaves the hotel in Helsingborg to a beautiful woodland of Söderåsen and visit in a private kitchen garden in Röstånga where the owner Anette Nilsson grows almost all kinds of vegetables that you can imagine and also has a keen interest in preserving old vegetable species. Anette will show us her garden and serve us something fresh from her vegetable harvests.

11.00 Early lunch picnic in “The green”.

12.00 Visit at Ådala farm, a small diary which produces organic cheese, butter & milk from a local farm. Time for tasting and some shopping.

13.30 Visit at the Citadelle Allotment Gardens in Landskrona, one of Sweden’s oldest allotment areas with the charming museum cottage garden, Rothoff´s Colony.

15.00 Bus leaves for last stop of the day to Fredriksdal open-air museum and botanical garden. Guided tour in kitchen garden around rhubarbs, cabbage, beans, pears, apples and many old-fashioned species. Fredriksdal Garden Café will serve something directly and fresh from the garden together with a glass of champagne.

17.00 End of tour and bus will take you to your hotel.

Day 3

9.00 Check-out from the hotel and the bus leaves for Kullabygden and a day full of tastes and surprises at lovely and amazing places such as Larsviken, specialists in potatoes, Brunnby Boställe, charketuries & vegetables, Flickorna Lundgren and Kullalamm lamb production.

15.00 Arilds wineyard. It is perhaps a surprise for visitors to our Nordic climate that this award winning winery can offer you such lovely wines. Enjoy the end of this delicious tour!

16.30 The bus will take us to Helsingborg.

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This tour will be guided in English. Price includes all meals during the tour, entrances etc. We reserve ourselves for any changes.