A castle in English Tudor-style and a garden with a view

We are going for a day out to visit the landscape of Halland and two beautiful gardens. Tjolöholm Castle & Garden was built 1904 by the Swedish-British family Dickson who wanted a home in the English style. Last years’ award winning garden in Sweden, “A garden with a view”, is a beautiful terraced country garden. We will visit both these treasures in one day and we will go by bus from Helsingborg.

We will start early in the morning and go to Tjolöholm near Kungsbacka, a ride of a little more than two hours. We will have a guided tour of the castle garden and inside the castle which is a very fine example of Arts & Crafts style and interiors in Scandinavia. The owners had a cooperation with Libertys in London and gave their architect, Lars Israel Wahlman a wish for a castle and garden in Arts & crafts and Tudor-style. After the tour lunch will be served in a village restaurant.

Thereafter our bus will take us south to Varberg and the village Rolfstorp where we find Rebecca Malmsköld and Staffan Eklund, passionate gardeners who built their private garden, also with the love for English Arts & Crafts style. They have a charming country garden with walled rooms, lots of roses, lots of cottage flowers, an outdoor kitchen and a kitchen garden where we will spend the afternoon before going back to Helsingborg.


Prize; 1095:- SEK.

Date; June 17th. 

Time; We will meet 8 am at the entrée of Helsingborg Station.


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