Parks & Gardens

Sofiero Palace & Garden

Sofiero Palace & Garden, Helsingborg, award winning, park, originally created by the Royal couple Crown Princess Margaret & Crown Prince Gustav, later King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden, in 1905 – 1920.


Fredriksdal Museum & Garden

Fredriksdal Museum & Garden in Helsingborg, experience the very old Skåne country life with its green fields, farmhouses, animals and fruit orchards, in the city of Helsingborg.

Krapperup Castle

Krapperup is a stately renaissance castle with a beautiful and unique landscape park with old trees, ponds, rippling streams, rhododendrons and a lovely rose garden.

Norrviken Garden

Norrviken Garden, Båstad, was created in 1906 by the Swedish garden architect Rudolf Abelin. Here you find a baroque garden, a renaissance garden, an oriental garden and a Japanese garden.

Alnarp Park

This park from the 19th century is of particular interest for those who love botany. The manor was built 1858 for Alnarp Agriculture Institute and is today main location for the University of Agriculture Science & Landscape architecture in Sweden.


Paul Jönska garden

Paul Jönska Garden, Viken. This is a sea captains old home & garden from the 19th century with a restored and well kept garden.

Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Blixen loved gardening and flowers and to make extraordinary flower arrangements at her estate Rungstedlund in Denmark just south of Helsingør, where she was born 1885.

Skarhults Castle

Skarhult Castle, Eslöv, renaissance castle with a long and exciting history recently told in exhibitions and books. Beautiful landscape park for walks and café.


The Citadelle Allotment Gardens

The Citadelle Allotment Gardens & Rothoffs Allotment Garden  museum, Landskrona, is one of Sweden´s oldest allotment areas.


Lunds botanical garden

Lunds Botanical Garden, in this large garden in the center of Lund you will find no more than 7000 species as well as many peaceful places and benches for inspiration.


Castle Garden in Malmö

Slottsträdgården, Malmö, is situated close to Malmö Castle and Malmö Museum.


Solhem Garden

Solhem Garden is a true hidden gem amongst our recommended gardens. It is situated in a small village between Helsingborg and Ängelholm where the owners found their green resort 40 years ago. 


Furutorp Garden

This lovely cottage garden in the country side just outside Ängelholm gives you a lot of inspiration and also a true moment of peace. 

Sylvias Garden

Just close by the wooden hill of Kullaberg but yet with a marvelous sea view, Mrs Sylvia Wihlborg has built her paradise garden.

Boäng Kitchen Garden

This is an amazing garden where the owner Anette Nilsson grows all the vegetables you know and all the ones you didn´t know.

Hovdala Castle

Hovdala Castle has a long and exciting history that goes back to the 1600th century and turbulent times between the borders with Sweden and Denmark.


David Carlsons Rosegarden

In the beautiful seaside village Falsterbo, in the absolute southernmost of Sweden, you will find David Carlsons rosegarden.

Lottie Hermansson’s garden

The owner has created a green paradise of her own in the garden of this old farmhouse. Open during the weekends.


Our Hotels

Elite Hotel Mollberg

Welcome to this beautiful 19th century hotel in the center of Helsingborg which provides you with a feeling of extraordinary elegance and comfort.




Elite Hotel Marina Plaza

Check in at this hotel in the summercity of Helsingborg in direct connection with the glittering Öresund and the travel center Knutpunkten.



Höörs Inn

In the absolute heart of Skåne surrounded by wild nature and farm land, you will find the beautiful village Höör.


Restaurants & cafés and farm shops

Fredriksdal Garden Café

The café is situated in an old, charming building next to Fredriksdal Manor. They serve lunch every day as well as fresh salads & sandwiches.


Sofiero Castle Restaurant & Café

At Sofiero in Helsingborg you find an elegant gourmet restaurant on the second floor of the castle. In the glass veranda there is a Café with light lunches and pastries and a beautiful view of Öresund.



This is the family owned company where tasty, Swedish apples turn to sweet juice. The Englund family started their production 2011 when their sons discovered an abandoned apple farm near Båstad.


Flora Linnea Rose Nursery & Gift Shop

This is the place for everyone who loves roses! More than 800 varieties of roses is gathered at this nursery, situated just close by Fredriksdal Museum & Garden in Helsingborg.


Löddeköpinge Nursery

This is a particularly charming nursery & plant shop, surrounded by fields and high trees between Landskrona and Lund.


Arilds Winery

Arild Winery, farm in the middle of Kullabygden with beautiful setting. Enjoy the wine rows, taste the wine, have some food or enjoy theater & music at special occasions. Personnel and different.


Mamsellen & Matverksta´n

”Mamsellen” has been an opera singer and restaurateur. Today she runs a café at Hedentorps Nursery where she sings, bakes, makes marmalade and serves light lunches and homemade cakes.


Tirups Herb Garden

A famous herb gardener in Sweden created this garden in Staffanstorp 30 years ago which today show an incredible amount of herbs.


Bäckdalen Café Orangery & Farm Shop

In the lovely environment of Hovs Hallar in northern Skåne you find Bäckdalen where the owners have grown herbs & tomatoes for many years.


Flickorna Lundgren, Skäret

Absolutely lovely, old-fashioned café in historical environment with home baked cakes & tartes and coffee in copper jugs.

Ådala Farm

In the middle of a lovely beech forest in the very heart of Skåne you find this unique dairy.

La Maison Francaise

La Maison Francaise is a peace of France in Kullabygden. In an old farm Helen and Laurent Laffont have their bistro & café.

Hedentorp Nursery

Near the city of Ängelholm you will find this nice nursery and plant shop with selected plants such as perennials, roses, rhododendron, fruit trees, bamboo and large exemplars of trees & bushes.