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We are a genuine family-owned company that arranges tours, events, courses and lectures with great local knowledge. We have extensive experience of garden tours in Europe and special expertise in nature, parks and gardens. Our network of contacts includes internationally renowned landscape architects, garden designers, lecturers and authors, several of them included in our travel programs. Our own travel guide and rose expert Christina Högardh-Ihr has studied and worked with garden history, garden art, landscape architecture and garden tourism for 30 years.

We are passionate about matters regarding the environment and the cultivation and conservation of our green cultural landscape. With the ongoing pandemic, these issues have become more relevant than ever. When we currently plan our tours, we prioritise safety and security; we make fewer tours but stay longer, we travel more locally, we travel by train, bicycle, and hike to a greater extent and use buses with fossil-free fuel. It is important to us that all our partners at the destinations, the food producers, hotels and other who contribute to our travel programs share these values.

Here on our website you will find our current range of guided tours and day trips. Do you have any special requests for your green tours? Would you prefer a special destination that is not included in our regular tours, or do you want us to arrange green events for your company? Please contact us and we will answer your questions and help you further in the best possible way. We create tailor-made tours according to our customers’ needs, always with great commitment to both experience and sustainability!

Christina Högardh-Ihr is a freelance writer and garden writers for many years. Christina is also known as a rose expert with several books in the subject as well as a long series of lectures and assignments. Christina has traveled in Scandinavia, England, France and Italy and visited gardens, rose gardens for research and as a guide. Christina is dedicated to plants, garden, animals & nature and also loves to inspire others in these matters. A great interest for good food goes hand in hand with the interest in plants and cultivation. Christina always sees time that all meals on our tours are on top and cooked with love of locally produced, or organic and labeled raw materials.

Mattias Högardh is one of our co-founders and responsible for our digital profile, strategy and finances. He is currently studying Tourism and Business Management at Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen and is also a part-time employee of the Swedish Armed Forces. Mattias has always had a great interest in both nature and food, and he loves to spend quality time in the woods during his free time. Since travel is also a big interest of his, Mattias has also spent one winter season in Canada and Japan respectively.

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