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Or would you like to learn everything about caring for roses? With over 30 years experience of gardens and roses The Green Guide offers exclusive and guided garden tours, online lectures and practical courses in rose care.

We are a genuine family-owned company that arranges tours, events, courses and lectures with great local knowledge. With extensive experience of garden tours in Europe and special expertise in nature, parks and gardens – our goal is to share the passion of green landscapes with you.

Featured ONLINE Course


The Right Rose in the Right Place

This course is perfect for you who works as a professional in gardening. In the public space, parks, urban plantations and courtyards of tenant-owner associations, roses are getting more and more space.


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What our customers say
Garden Tour to England

“I usually travel according to my own research and planning, but traveling “in the garden” was new and I chose the Green Guide. We travel to the Cotswold and the days that follow literally create memories for life. From the time Christina meets up with all fellow travelers at the airport until we part five days later, the days are completely filled with experiences for all the senses.”

Mariola Lewin

Garden Lover

Practical Continuation Rose Course

“I knew that there are whole groups that are easier to grow, but that there are certain varieties that are simpler is very valuable. Clear advice on what more advanced care means. I think it was educational and gave more confidence. Invaluable – to get a list of roses that are especially recommended. Thanks!”

Katarina Ottosson

Professional Gardener

Our cicerone Christina

The Rose Expert –
Passionate to Inspire Others

Christina Högardh-Ihr is a freelance writer and garden writers for many years. Christina is also known as a rose expert with several books in the subject as well as a long series of lectures and assignments. Christina has traveled in Scandinavia, England, France and Italy and visited gardens, rose gardens for research and as a guide.

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Do you have any special requests for your green tours? Would you prefer a special destination, or do you want us to arrange green events or courses for your company?

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